Maghull is a mainly residential area, that is generally not well served by the local councils, with regard to local amenities and business requirements.


Detailed below are a few areas where these matters could be resolved or improved. I appreciate that resolving these matters is not as simple as I have described, but by involving the right organisations, and applying for the correct funding, Maghull could develop it’s own business environment, and not have to depend upon surrounding areas for employment or leisure services.


Ashworth South site


The Ashworth South site, formerly Moss Side Hospital, has remained or appeared unused for the last few years. Talk of building a new prison on the site, has been fiercely opposed by local residents, but possibly for misguided reasons.


There is no evidence that the siting of a new prison would cause the increase of crime in the area, and the plus points would include capacity to keep more criminals off the streets, where prisoners are often released early to make way for other inmates, and also additional jobs for the local population.


I would like to see a state run or privately run prison built on the site, with a new business park built next to or around the site, to provide new offices and units for businesses, as this type of accommodation is sadly lacking in Maghull.


The building of a new ‘Maghull North’ railway station would provide excellent access to and from the site, as would the opening up of the M58 junction, close to the park.


Currently, it is only possible to join or leave the motorway travelling to or from the M6, where creating two new slip roads would allow quicker access to and from Switch Island, and Liverpool. This would also reduce traffic travelling through Maghull, which has increased tremendously during the last five years.


The creation of a new business park in Maghull would allow local businesses to relocate and expand, and would also bring new opportunities to the area. The only alternative at present is the scruffy, and run down Sefton Lane estate, which seems to be populated mostly by post war concrete and asbestos buildings.


I would like to see some smart new purpose built industrial units and offices, with places to park, and plenty of greenery, to encourage a pleasing and productive environment in which to work. I’m sure the hundreds or thousands of people who commute to Liverpool, Bootle, Southport and the surrounding areas, would be happy to turn off at Junction 1, knowing that their place of work was only round the corner.


A new railway station has often been discussed, but as with most issues in Maghull, nothing seems to get done. The existing station is towards the south east of Maghull, and the parking is diabolical. A new station with plenty of parking, and good security would allow local people, and commuters from further afield to ‘park & ride’ from Maghull North.


We now have a fantastic Leisure Centre, which I have been campaigning for, for nearly 30 years. Don’t for a minute

think that this was accomplished by the local Liberal, Conservative or Labour councillors or members. This was built

with Government money, and a Labour Government.


We should have had this centre 20 years ago, but political voting by the Liberals meant that the money was diverted

to another area in Sefton. The Liberals (and now the Tories) like to try and take credit for anything positive that happens

in the area, often despite years of requests, and years of lavishing money on the Town Hall (where they have their



The next project is to make sure that Sefton do not start charging for car parking in Maghull. This is creeping into other

areas such as Crosby & Southport, and we need to support our local shops and be able to park free of charge. Cost

cutting is possible. I would recommend getting rid of all Mayoral posts, official cars, perks and the removal of golden

handshakes and payoffs, for executives who have failed in their roles, and sacked or given early retirement.


Litter. The amount of litter on the A59 and surrounding roads/embankments is incredible. Every fews weeks we have

a half-arsed attempt at picking it up. This is welcome, but what is left behind are the cans, bottles, bags and paper

in the hedges, that are just out of reach of the litter pickers.


We also have green belt land around Maghull & Lydiate that has several footpaths, rivers & streams, and old railway

routes. These are also strewn with junk, and have been for years. Looking after wildlife and the environment doesn’t

just mean tidying the visible areas, it means getting down to the nitty-gritty and doing a proper job, so lets hope that

our local town council and borough council take note of this and take action.